Do I need sex therapy or coaching?

Sex therapy is a form of therapy that addresses sexual issues caused by biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors. Treatment can include behavior modification, skill building, sex education, self-discovery, and personal growth. Not all sexual concerns require long-term therapy. Sex coaching is a short-term, solution-focused modality for individuals and couples. It can function as an alternative or complement to sex therapy.

Dr. Shannon Chavez is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and a Certified Sex and Relationship Coach. She will craft a personalized plan with you based on your unique needs and goals.

How is Sex Coaching different from Sex Therapy?

Sex coaching focuses on a specific issue or concern that requires moving past mental barriers and learning skills to enhance sexual satisfaction. Clients will set specific goals and work toward meeting those goals each session. Sex coaching is short-term and integrates different aspects of learning and building awareness around sexuality. Sex therapy looks more in-depth at relationship patterns, early sexual conditioning and attachment styles, and unconscious conflicts that impact sexuality. Sex therapy also addresses general mental health concerns and treatment.

Dr. Chavez will utilize tools for improving sexual communication, mindfulness, skill building around intimacy, and home assignments to do alone or with a partner. She often incorporates resources for reading, writing, and using media to help enhance the sex therapy and coaching experience.

Couples Therapy and Coaching

With couples therapy and coaching, we address concerns that arise in a couple’s relationship regarding sex and sexuality. It is an opportunity to address sexual problems and explore aspects of the relationship in which you want to experience growth. Both modalities utilize intimacy and communication skill building.

Couples work can be a great way to build communication and dialogue skills, as well as to learn mindfulness tools and home exercises that can enhance intimacy and connection.

Common concerns of couples include:

  • Uneven sexual desire
  • Lack of communication around sex and intimacy
  • Painful intercourse
  • Coping with mental or physical health concerns of partner
  • Coping with cancer recovery
  • Sexless marriage
  • Lack of adult sex education
  • Resentment
  • Differences in values and beliefs around sexuality
  • Partner’s sexual dysfunction
  • Body image concerns
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Stress and time management

Premarital Coaching

Getting married? Congratulations! Preparing to commit your life to someone you love is an exciting time, filled with anticipation and expectations.

A healthy, fulfilling sex life can form the basis of a very successful marriage; whereas an unfulfilling sex life can lead to a very unhappy (even failed) marriage. As you plan your life together, don’t neglect this very important topic.

  • Have you discussed your partner’s expectations for sex?
  • Do you have difficulty discussing sex and conveying your needs?
  • Did you know that your – and your partner’s – sexual needs will change over time?

Dr. Chavez’ Premarital Coaching is designed to educate engaged or newly married couples and equip and empower them with the skills and tools they need to build lasting, fulfilling relationships. The premarital coaching program is a comfortable, private, and safe environment where couples can receive information, ask questions, and become educated about their bodies, sexual response, and building a healthy relationship together.

Individual Therapy and Coaching for Out-of Control Sexual Behaviors

Restoring Healthy Sexuality

If you or your partner are dealing with out-of-control sexual behavior, you know full well the destruction it can cause to a relationship. You may be picking up the pieces, wondering whether you can restore the damage and if you can ever have a healthy sex life again.

The good news is, it is possible to restore yourself to healthy sexuality after recovering from these issues! Dr. Shannon Chavez is knowledgeable and experienced, and she will equip and empower you with education, tools, skills, and resources to reframe your sexuality and go on to have a healthy, fulfilling sex life for both you and your partner.

If you have not yet gone through the recovery process, Dr. Chavez is happy to refer you to one of her trusted colleagues who specializes in sex addiction therapy and recovery. 

A Mind-Body Approach to Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement

Helping individuals and couples overcome their misconceptions and personal barriers to achieve great sexual health