Our Programs and Services

Our passion is breaking down the taboos around sexuality and helping individuals and couples become more sexually informed and empowered.

Sex Therapy For Women

100% of women have sexual concerns. These concerns are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, contact Dr. Chavez today!

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Sex Therapy For Men

Dr. Chavez is very solution-oriented and results-focused with her male clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced.

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Couples Sex Therapy

Dr. Chavez has a gift for making couples feel truly feel heard, understood, and NORMAL offering Sex & Relationship Coaching.

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LGBTQIA Sex Therapy

Dr. Chavez has extensive training and experience dealing with issues that span all cultures, experiences, and orientations.

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Individual & Couples Therapy

Dr. Chavez will utilize tools for improving sexual communication, mindfulness, skill building around intimacy.

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Sex Education Programs

Choose a sex education program that addresses your needs, and contact us in Beverly Hills for more information.

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Sexual Health Workshops

Our workshop series for women addresses issues of sexual desire and arousal, understanding orgasm, and much more.

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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Chavez presents lectures, workshops, and consultation services all over the world for health organizations.

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Online Services

Teletherapy for clients in California and Arizona, Web-Based Coaching, Email Q&A Sessions and Webinars.

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A Mind-Body Approach to Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement

Helping individuals and couples overcome their misconceptions and personal barriers to achieve great sexual health