afterninetonightI had the chance to chat with Suzy Olds, co-creator of After Nine Tonight, a website dedicated to helping women rekindle passion in their relationships through short 15-minute films with sexy and realistic storylines. Suzy and her husband, Doug, created the concept after dealing with their own sexual concerns. As most of us know, being in a long-term relationship can definitely challenge your sex life. It doesn’t mean an end to great sex, but does require taking the steps to make sex a priority which includes using creativity and being open to change. What I like about Suzy and Doug’s short films is that they were created through experience, thorough research, and the awareness of what women want. The films present a variety of storylines that cater to fantasy, romance, and real-life experiences.

In my work with couples, it’s often difficult to find resources for couples that don’t want to look at pornography but want steamy and sexy material to get them in the mood. What I like about After Nine, is that the material leaves much to the imagination which can actually be better for desire and arousal. When a steamy scene leaves a cliffhanger we can plug in our own experiences or fantasies with a partner, which draws out our individual feelings of sexual desire, interests, behaviors, and motivation. This is not only good for libido but also improves a couple’s sexual communication.

What I also like about After Nine Tonight is that it normalizes the changes that happen in our sexual relationships. It is common for women to deal with lack of libido, body image issues, and communication breakdowns with a partner. This is a great resource to empower women to start talking about their sexual concerns – with friends, partners, therapists, doctors, etc.

Are you looking for a way to get passion back in your relationship? Do you have 15 minutes? Check out for more information.

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