Op-Ed: Stop Hating Your Body Image and Change the World

Our society has created a complexity of rules and belief systems around the body that send mixed messages about how to improve or change it. The messa…

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Are Latinas more susceptible to postpartum depression?

Most Latinas do not go outside of their family circle to talk about their problems. A family member is often designated as the “surrogate therapist” t…

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Baby Boomer Sexuality

Sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez (USA) explains that older age is no reason for people to consider themselves beyond sexual expression. “Aging and sexuality go hand-in-hand. Both require new learning and awareness of changes…

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Pelvic Floor Health for Women

Sex therapist Shannon Chavez (USA) treats many women suffering from poor pelvic floor health. She explains that exercising this part of the body is im…

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adult sex education

Adult Sex Education

Sex therapist and clinical psychologist Dr. Shannon Chavez (USA) challenges conventional opinion in her article on adult sex education. Whilst sex edu…

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sexual health wellness in older men

Sexual Health and Wellness in Older Men

Sexuality and sexual wellness in the aging male Sexual therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez (USA) continues her discussion on sexuality as we age (In Issue 19…

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the practice of orgasmic meditation

The practice of orgasmic meditation for couples

When it comes to orgasms, does it matter whether it’s a solo orgasm through masturbation or a partnered orgasm through coupled sexual activity?

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sex health resolutions

Sexual health resolutions: Start a bedroom bucket list!

It’s that time of the year to reflect on what’s lacking in our lives and how to improve it. We should not limit our resolutions to simply losing weight or reducing stress. Resolutions are a way to focus on improving life, feeling better and putting more focus on self-care. What about sexual health?

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low sexual desire in women

Low sexual desire in women: The problem and the solution

With our fast-paced lifestyle juggling careers, homes, family and friends, who has time for sex, right? We are physically and mentally exhausted and our minds are still buzzing with unresolved issues almost every night.

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a lesson on orgasms

A lesson on orgasms

Forget pain relievers — have an orgasm instead! Women who “self-medicate” with an orgasm are finding relief from headaches, generalized muscular pain, stress and even migraines.

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how to get over oral sex insecurity

Oral sex: How to get over your insecurity

When it comes to sex, we focus a lot of attention on intercourse. But what about outercourse? It is important for women to start making oral sex a priority to experience the way it can enhance your sex life.

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aging and sexuality explained

Aging and sexuality explained: Why your body isn’t broken

The most important determining factor regarding positive sexual expression as we age is the attitude that women hold. Our attitude about our bodies and how we perceive ourselves sexually is influenced by everything from our feelings, experiences and self-reflection. The changes you experience don’t necessarily mean that the body is broken or defective.

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Expert Contributor

pregnant celebrity magazine cover

Has the nude, pregnant celebrity magazine cover passed its due date?

“Instead of feeling awkward or less attractive during pregnancy, feeling sexy and confident can help women feel good about the changes in their body and encourage positive self-esteem,” said Dr. Shannon Chavez, sexual health expert and clinical psychologist.

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making post-baby sex enjoyable again

Making Post-Baby Sex Enjoyable Again

Post-baby sex isn’t only affected by physical pain. Almost 85 percent of new moms experience mild depression commonly known as the “baby blues,” according to Dr. Shannon Chavez, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Sexologist.

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communication is the gold standard of relationships

Communication Is the Gold Standard of ‘Normal’ Relationships

In today’s tech-savvy society, engaging in sexting – sexual intimacy through text message – online dating and webcam sex are no longer taboo, but almost an expected form of romantic expression in relationships.

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love common scents

Is love simply a matter of common scents?

“We tend to think that attraction is based on how a person looks or acts, but now we know that the body also responds to chemical cues,” Chavez said.
Chavez believes we’re just scratching the surface. “The original research focused on sexual attraction,” she said. “But recent research has found that pheromones also affect social behavior. They play a major role in attachment.”

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