flirtFlirting is one of the most important behaviors in a relationship because it engages the connection between partners. The term “flirting” tends to be misunderstood. It is not always overtly sexual or for any intent other than having fun. It’s basically a way to attract attention and encourage bonding. This can happen even with friends. It doesn’t necessarily have to be through catchy lines or charming statements; we attract attention through posture, facial expressions, and other forms of body language, most of which are non-verbal and subconscious.

We know that attracting attention is one of the first stages of courtship that brings partners together and the first to go once the partnership has been established. That same feeling and sensation of being noticed or getting your loved one’s attention provides pleasure, passion, and playfulness, which are all primary intimacy needs. It is these basic needs of intimacy that keep a relationship healthy and growing. Using flirting as a tool, whether in committed or casual relationship, demonstrates that a person is being attentive, giving oneself permission to be playful and have fun. It is acknowledgment of your feelings for another person while allowing vulnerability. Basic flirting is usually warm and friendly without any intent of reward or overly sexual intention.

Flirting and forgiveness both share one characteristic – vulnerability. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable builds an intimate connection with a partner, friend, and most importantly your self. To forgive and forget past hurts allow the ability to establish, secure and maintain healthy, intimate relationships.

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