As the popularity of essential oils as a natural method for curing ailments and preventing disease becomes more mainstream, it is an interesting fact they are not a new form of medicine. The use of essential oils dates back thousands of years to the ancient Romans and Egyptians.

If you’re a frequent visitor to sites like Etsy or Pinterest you’ve seen numerous pages and boards dedicated to DIY remedies posted by women or mommy bloggers promoting essential oils as a way to cure everything from insomnia to diaper rash.

Enter the 21st century.  Many of us already know that essential oils are in many ways ‘wonder drugs’, but the average user isn’t as familiar with how they actually work. Today, modern science is able to tell us just how powerful essential oils are and why they are so effective promoting health and stopping diseases.   

The two most fascinating facts about essential oils are:

1.    They all contain energy (as in each oil, from amber to verbena, can be measured in hertz). To explain this better, let’s imagine plugging in the human body to a computer. The readout would indicate the average human body has an energy level of 65 Hertz (Hz). When you have the flu or are extremely tired, your body is down to 60  Hz. Now let’s place a drop of lavender oil in that computer and the readout shows its energy at 118 Hz.  Peppermint 78 Hz. What is the most powerful essential oil? The answer is rose which contains an astonishing 320 Hz! This is why people feel so good instantly just by smelling a single rose. 

2.    Particles that make up essential oils are extremely small. Think tiny – really tiny! On average, a single drop of oil contains approximately 40 trillion particles. Why is that significant? It’s because the essential oil particles can travel and penetrate the smallest areas of your body, including internal organs, to attack a virus or bacteria lurking in your body. Synthetic medicines cannot be made so small, and therefore are sometimes ineffective because they can’t travel to the root of where the disease is hiding and festering.

Did you know there are ways to harness the powers of essential oils to improve your intimate and sexual health?  

Elena Pellicano, a 17-year professional aromatherapist, and essential oil expert has concocted a special blend of 13 essential oils she calls Yoni Nectar that will help cure most yeast infections and candidiasis in just a few days. If used daily, it will even prevent the formation of these kinds of conditions.

Other special benefits are the removal of any foul odor, replaced with a naturally sweet smell. Improvements to sexual health are also very noticeable.  It helps the body produce greater amounts of lubrication naturally and stimulates nerve endings by bringing more blood and oxygen to them. This allows you to feel more sensitivity during sexual activity resulting in brighter and stronger orgasms.

The secret to Yoni Nectar is the compounding effect of various pure and essential oils such as tea tree, rose, frankincense, geranium, ginger, and cardamom. All sourced personally by Elena in the country of origin. Each oil is pure, natural and the highest quality possible. She personally has been using Yoni Nectar every day since combining the special mixture four years ago.

To learn more about the benefits of Yoni Nectar, or to try a small sample, visit Elena’s Etsy page.

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