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When was the last time you and your partner planned a romantic evening in? If you’re tired of the same old “dinner & a movie” it’s time to shake things up. Arouse all your sexual senses with these tips for a fun “sex night in.”

Read on to discover six sexy steps to spark the passion and romance back into your relationship – TONIGHT!

After a long day of work or caring for your kids, sex is often the last thing we think about. Some days, the very thought of having sex can make you feel even more tired! But sex is vital for a healthy relationship, so it’s important to keep the spark, romance and passion alive.

Follow these six steps for a mind-blowing sex night in:

STEP #1: Get groomed and feel refreshed

  • Take a shower or bath to feel fresh and energized for sexual play.
  • Do your hair (even if you are going to get it messy, feeling good about your hair is a confidence booster).
  • Put on something that makes you feel sexy – lingerie, softy and silky dress or shirt, or anything that makes you feel desirable.

STEP #2: Engage in mindful relaxation

  • Focus on belly breathing to engage the mind and body and release stress from the day.
  • Ground yourself with meditation. Close your eyes, center yourself, and focus your attention on your body and breathing.
  • Prime your body by stretching and moving every part. Stretching improves circulation, releases tension, and warms up the body for pleasure.

STEP #3: Set the mood

  • Activate the senses as a form of arousal:
    • Use scented candles or room spray.
    • Essential oils (cinnamon, rosemary, lavender, patchouli) are known to evoke feelings of sexual desire.
    • Music can trigger positive emotional responses and relax the body… or make the body want to move!
    • Lighting can set the mood and make your environment more warm and inviting. Experiment with different colors of lighting such as a blue or red light – both known to boost arousal and sexual attraction.
    • Make your play space sex-ready including props (pillows, colorful blankets, towels, pleasure devices, and lubricant).

STEP #4: Foreplay fun

  • Watch each other undress.
  • Kiss in slow-motion.
  • Engage in sensual touch on the body from head-to-toe and slowly caress your partner’s body using your all of your sex organs – hands, mouth, and genitals.
  • Massage and prime the genital area using a lubricant or body oil.
  • Be vocal! Let your partner know what feels good and tell them what you want.

STEP #5: Slow your sex DOWN

  • Try to focus as much on outercourse as intercourse.
  • Let your body lead and relax your mind, take notice of all your sensations of pleasure.
  • Ditch the goal-oriented focus and just connect with your partner.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Breathe together in sync.
  • Move your bodies in a rhythmic motion that explores pressure, speed, and different positions.

STEP #6: Make sexual aftercare more enjoyable

  • Use a sex wipe (Summer Love, SHE After Glow) or warm towel to clean up.
  • Tell your partner something you enjoyed during the sex night.
  • The time right after sex gives you a chance to reconnect and bond with your partner, make the experience better by: cuddling, talking, eating or watching late night TV together in bed or share a laugh before dozing off and falling asleep.

It’s never too late to spice up your sex life and find new ways to keep the passion alive, even on a random night in.

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