Words, Wine, and Women – Sex Grab Bag Pt.1

Words… Wine… and Women? When you add all of these elements together it’s a fun and engaging way to get women to open up and discuss life, love, and of course sex! Words, Wine, and Women is a new online talk show covering topics that modern women experience. The show’s creator, Tara Johnson, defines the modern women as “strong, intelligent, dynamic and unique.” What’s great about this show is that it’s a platform for today’s modern women to be heard and has a fantastic panel of strong and empowered women leading the shows compelling and controversial topics.

I met up with the ladies of Words, Wine, and Women as a guest expert for an episode called, “Sex Grab Bag – Part 1” (look for Part 2 and 3 in the upcoming months).  This was an opportunity to do a Q&A with the hosts, Candice Stewart and Tara Johnson. What was in the sex grab bag? Great questions on orgasm, allergies to sperm, and sex toys. Watch here for all the juicy details!

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