Meet MarriedDance: A Christian-friendly Sex Toy Store
I met Brent, owner of, on Twitter. I saw a post on sex furniture and information on their website that advertised as “Christian-friendly".  I browsed the site and found everything from lubricants to sex toys and games.
I contacted Brent to find out more about his company.  We discussed how he got started in the sex toy business and why he was marketing to Christian couples.  I was intrigued by the idea of a Christian-friendly sex toy store. I work with Christian couples that want to explore sexuality with devices and products but don't want to feel embarrassed or intimidated by going into a sex toy store. Others have reported that shopping online can be overwhelming. is a valuable resource for Christian couples.

“We believe sex is a gift from God for married couples to enjoy together. Our sex toys for couples and marital aids can help add intimacy and playfulness to your marriage bed which can help strengthen your marriage overall".

How did you get started and what was your mission around developing your website?
A few years into our marriage my wife and I started experimenting with vibrators to spice up our marriage bed. We visited a local sex toy store and felt dirty from all the nudity and porn that was being displayed. After purchasing a few items from various stores, I suggested to my wife that we open a “Christian-friendly” sex toy store, and she said that was a great idea. I honestly didn’t think it would take off, but it did in a big way. Since we opened MarriedDance in 2012 our mission has been to provide couples with sex toys and marital aids in a nudity-free, informative, marriage-centered environment that helps couples have the most fulfilling, exciting sex life possible.
What is the biggest barrier for Christian couples around sexual health?
Sex is not talked about openly by most Christians. Kids grow up only being taught the basics about sex with as few details as possible, and that they should not have sex until after they’re married. Christians often leave out how wonderful and important sex is, and that God created sex for both spouses to enjoy together and express their love for each other.
What have been obstacles in your work when it comes to working with spirituality and sexuality? How did you overcome these obstacles?
Many Christians view sex toys as masturbation devices that are only sold in dirty, dark stores that are filled with nudity, porn, and other material that doesn’t align with Christian values. We’re working to change that. MarriedDance is a Christian-friendly sex toy store that helps couples add intimacy and adventure to their love lives with the help of items such as vibrators, lube, and sex pillows. Our products are displayed nudity-free with descriptions that are marriage-centered, informative, and describe how to use our products to add intimacy in your marriage bed instead of cheapening sex by replacing your spouse’s touch for a vibrator.
What do you want people to know about your website?
MarriedDance is a Christian-owned sex toy and marital aid superstore that’s run by a husband and wife team. We’ve been in business since 2012 and have helped thousands of couples add intimacy to their marriage beds. All of our products are displayed nudity-free with descriptions that are marriage-centered and informative. We also include Christian-friendly and marriage-centered one-on-one email support before and after the sale of everything from product features to advice about using the item to add intimacy to your marriage bed at no additional cost.
What is your advice for Christians around accessing sexual health resources?
There are a lot of great Christian-friendly resources about sex on the Internet. For example, my wife and I also run and Another great place to find Christian-friendly resources about sex is the Christian Marriage Bloggers Assoc.
Anything else you would like people to know?
To learn more about our store, our views on sex toy usage in the Christian marriage bed, and much more, visit our About Us page.



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