3 missionary positions for better sex

3 Ways to Make Missionary Position Work for Better Sex – Dr. Shannon Chavez quoted in Women’s Health

Dr. Chavez speaks to Women’s Health about the missionary position and how you can modify it for better sex. Who says missionary has to be boring? And why is it an all time favorite position for both men and women?

Why is that?

Missionary is usually the first position in which a person has intercourse and the most common

for most couples in the United States. There are several reasons why this position is the first to

come to mind. It requires little imagination and can be comfortable for both partners.

It can deepen intimacy by allowing face-to-face contact and mouth and body kissing to increase

arousal. A woman has less control on top and can’t move her body as much but can bend her

knees for deeper penetration and squeeze her thighs together and have him lay his thighs over

hers for more intense clitoral stimulation.

Men love missionary because they can be in complete control of everything from the pace, angle,

and depth of penetration. If a man experiences rapid ejaculation, this position will allow him to

stop and take a break. It’s not the best position for stimulating a woman’s clitoris but it can make

him last longer during intercourse.

There are great ways to spice up the missionary position. You can put pillows beneath her bottom

and raise her hips up allowing for deeper penetration and support of the lower back; she can pull

her knees to her chest or wrap them around his back for deeper penetration and more pressure

on the mons pubis (the fleshy pad over the female pubic bone) which acts as buffer during face-

to-face intercourse and transmits intense pleasure to the rest of the area when it moves.

Most reports state that both men and women enjoy the closeness, eye contact, and deep body-to-body contact that missionary provides.

In the article, I talk about three different techniques (CAT, Pretzel dip, and Catcher) to make missionary even better. Think of it as missionary with a twist… literally!

For more great tips and positions for spicing up the missionary position, click on the article here.


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