As a psychologist and certified sex therapist, the most common question I hear from individuals and couples is:

What’s the difference between lubricants?

It’s important to know which type of lubrication is right for your body. Given all the brands out there, it can be certainly be confusing, so here’s the lowdown on lube:

Lubrication 101: Why Women Should Use Lube During Sex

Using a lubricant is a simple and effective way to maximize your pleasure during sex, whether alone or with a partner. Natural lubrication for women may vary based on factors such as physical and emotional health and some women are naturally more lubricated than others.

Changes in hormones or certain medications can affect the amount of natural lubrication your body creates causing symptoms of vaginal dryness, irritation and general discomfort. Research actually shows that more arousal doesn’t always lead to a pleasurable sexual experience because genital pain sensitivity varies in women.

Lubrication can also just be a matter of preference. Some women feel more comfortable during sex when they are more lubricated.

Lubricants make your sexual experience free from this discomfort and allow you to stay intimate for a longer period.

Lubrication is the best accessory to improving sexual experiences and feeling more comfortable during sex.

So when women ask, “do I need lube,” my answer is always yes.

Not All Lubricants Are The Same

In the same way you would choose a face cream, you should be selective in choosing a lubricant with safe ingredients.

Personal lubricants are the “face cream of the vagina.” You wouldn’t put just anything on your face, right?

Lubricants can come in liquid and gel forms, and similar to condoms and vibrators, different lubes offer different benefits.

Some of my clients report that using a silicone-based lubrication during sex changed their life. It made sex more pleasurable and they could relax and enjoy sexual activity without any worry of feeling too dry.

Silicone-based lubricants work by creating a film on the skin that is breathable, long lasting, and feels silky smooth. The silicone molecules are larger than the pores of the skin, so it remains on the surface without penetrating the skin. 

Water-based lubricants provide soothing moisture to the skin and alleviate signs of vaginal dryness. Because the lubrication is absorbed into the skin you may need to re-apply. 

Dr. Shannon Approved Lubes

I recommend trying some of the following products to see what works best for you:

Silicone Based Lubes:

  • pjur med PREMIUM glide is specially formulated for dry or highly sensitive skin and contain no preservatives
  • pjur med SOFT glide is enriched with natural jojoba oil and provides long-lasting smooth lubrication and supple feeling skin

Water Based Lubes:

  • pjur med REPAIR glide with Hyaluronan that binds to large amounts of water and enables optimal regeneration of the skin
  • pjur med SENSITIVE glide is perfect for more sensitive skin as it contains no preservatives, glycerin or Parabens
  • pjur med NATURAL glide is made of 100% vegan ingredients that provide additional moisture and long-lasting lubrication

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