Overcome your barriers to sexual fulfillment and experience the freedom of a healthy and fulfilling sex life!

Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching

Dr. Shannon Chavez helps women, men, and couples from all walks of life identify their barriers to sexual wellness and fulfillment, and how to overcome them with the proper education, resources, and skills.

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Sex Education and WISE Programs

Dr. Chavez offers a number of WISE (Women’s Integrated Sex Education) Programs on topics including women’s sexual health and wellness, reproductive healthcare, and sex addiction recovery.

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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Chavez presents all over the U.S. in lectures, workshops, presentations, and TV/radio programs on sex and relationships, women’s wellness, mental health, and sexual empowerment. Book her today!

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Dr. Chavez's mind/body approach has truly worked wonders in my sex life, and this is the happiest I have seen my wife in a long time!

R.M. | Male | 31

Her insight is amazing and I always felt supported after my divorce from my husband.

C.H. | Female | 52

Working with Dr. Chavez taught me that menopause is not the end of your sensual life but a new beginning.

C.C. | Female | 55

Dr. Shannon Chavez Headshot

Dr. Shannon Chavez –

Nationally Recognized Sex Expert

Whatever statistics you’ve read about the prevalence of “sexual dysfunction”, forget them. This is the only one you need to remember: 100% of people have sexual concerns at some point in their lives. But as you might guess, many of them never talk about or address those concerns.

You are normal.

Humans are relational and sensual beings. We are built with needs for love, affection, and sexual intimacy. These needs should not be ignored or abused; instead, we should seek to understand and fulfill them in healthy, appropriate ways.

Unfortunately, for most people, the topic of sexuality is embarrassing, uncomfortable, or even taboo. But the inability to discuss sexual concerns and problems may be the greatest barrier to achieving sexual health and wellness.

Sexual health is a critical component of overall health and well-being, so chances are if you aren’t functioning properly or being fulfilled sexually, other areas of your life are being affected as well (or vice versa).

My mission is to help individuals and couples overcome their misconceptions and personal barriers in order to achieve greater sexual health, wellness, and satisfaction through proper education, open communication, self-discovery, and healing from past traumas.

Your sessions are completely confidential. Please contact me for a free consultation – I look forward to assisting you!

Clinical Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist

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