Sex Therapy for Couples

Looking to improve your sex life and enhance intimacy? Dealing with some sexual concerns in your relationship? Ready to improve your communication about sexual matters?

Good for you! Many couples never address their sexual needs and changes and end up living with unmet needs. The truth is our sexuality changes throughout our lifetime. Those changes are normal and necessary, but if you don’t have open communication about them with your partner, your relationship may suffer.

Whether you are trying to cope with the damage to your relationship and restore your sex life after sex addiction or infidelity, you are dealing with a physical problem in the bedroom, or you are simply looking to expand your horizons and experience better sex with your partner, Dr. Chavez can help!

Dr. Chavez has extensive training and experience as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist. She is also a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex Coach in Beverly Hills. Learn more about Dr. Chavez’s credentials here.

She will custom tailor your counseling to your specific needs as a couple, and uses a mind-body approach that integrates both psychological and physiological factors affecting your sexuality. She will tear down the myths and misconceptions about sexuality, help you discover your own barriers to sexual fulfillment, and provide proper education about sexuality as well as the resources, tools, and skills to enjoy a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

Dr. Chavez provides an environment of safety, confidentiality, and open communication. She has a gift for making couples feel truly feel heard, understood, and NORMAL.

Dr. Chavez also offers Sex & Relationship Coaching. Learn about the difference between Sex Therapy and Sex Coaching here.


A Mind-Body Approach to Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement

Helping individuals and couples overcome their misconceptions and personal barriers to achieve great sexual health