Sexual Health Workshops in Los Angeles

Women’s Sexual Health Workshop Series in Beverly Hills

Sexual Health Workshops in Los Angeles“A New Integrated Approach to Women’s Sexuality”

Dr. Shannon Chavez has created a sophisticated approach to sexual health treatment that addresses the relevance of psychosocial, sociocultural, physiological, and biological aspects of female sexuality and sexual concerns. Her workshop series for women addresses issues of sexual desire and arousal, understanding orgasm, body image and sexuality, and integrating sexuality, femininity, and spirituality.

Workshops in this series include:

Awakening Libido and Desire

Getting Intimate with Intimacy

Body Image and Female Sexuality

Sexual Health and Wellness for Women

Orgasm: The Key to Female Pleasure

Hormones, Pheromones, and Sex: What You Need to Know

The objectives of the workshop series are to:

  • Provide women with a broader understanding of female sexual anatomy and functioning and debunk the myths in regards to women’s sexuality and sexual concerns.
  • Create a safe and intimate space for processing issues relevant to women regarding our unique sexuality, roles we have in our social lives and culture, and how the impact of our culture can affect our sexual values, beliefs, and expectations.
  • Empower women through education, information, self-discovery and exploration.
  • Guide women in gaining healthy views towards sexuality, new coping skills, and resources for addressing her sexual needs.

Workshops are available for different audiences and can be tailored to fit any size and type of group.

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