Sex Education Programs in Los Angeles

WISE: Women’s Integrated Sex Education

Sexual health is vital to overall health and well-being. It incorporates psychological, medical, hormonal, and relational factors. Dr. Chavez is committed to helping women maintain healthy sexuality through all of life’s stages and transitions.

Choose a sex education program that addresses your needs, and contact Dr. Chavez in Beverly Hills for dates and other information. 

Sexual Wellness Programs

Sexual concerns for women can impact overall health and functioning. The following programs address some of the most common sexual health issues for women:

  • Becoming Orgasmic Program
  • Sexual Healing and Recovery Program
  • Libido Enhancement Program
  • 8-week Body Image Coaching
  • Postpartum Coaching

Reproductive Health Programs

The following programs include services for every stage of a woman’s sexual health:

  • Mother and Daughter Menses Preparation
  • Birth Control Assessment and Education
  • Vulvar-Vaginal Health for New Mothers
  • Menopause Assessment and Education

Sex & Love “Addiction” Recovery Programs

Recovery is a woman’s journey toward empowerment. The following programs offer a variety of treatment options geared at empowering women and meeting their needs in recovery:

  • Female Love “Addictions” Program: Sex, Romance, and Relationships
  • Healthy Sexuality after Recovery Program

A Mind-Body Approach to Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement

Helping individuals and couples overcome their misconceptions and personal barriers to achieve great sexual health