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Sexy and smart? Here's how to be both

Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, it’s ‘Sexual Health Awareness Month’. Certified sex therapist, Dr. Shannon Chavez sits down with California Live’s Jessica Vilchis to talk about the importance of healthy bedroom behavior. 

Sex, Romance and Valentine's Day

How to have your best Valentine's Day yet? Sex Therapist and Relationship Psychologist, Dr. Shannon Chavez gives her best advice.

Dating 101

From first impressions to making it last: fresh breath, perfect skin, great hair, and more! We have the survival guide for first dates and beyond. You'll hear some advice from Yale Breslin, writer for Elle, GQ, and Soul Cycle, and Dr. Shannon Chavez, clinical psychologist and sexologist.

Vaginal Dryness: Let's Talk About Sex

Yes, there is such a thing as Menopause Awareness Month, and it's happening now. So, what do you need to know? A lot — and Dr. Shannon Chavez and Dr. Donnica Moore can break it all down for you.

The James & Heather Show – Shame Free Sexuality with Dr. Shannon Chavez

Shame Free Sexuality with Dr. Shannon Chavez ~ Subscribe to our channel at:… where we dish out sex, love and relationship advice every Thursday at 7pm PST

Sexuality: How To Let Go Of Shame And Embrace Pleasure with Dr. Shannon Chavez

Sex makes the world go around. It motivates relationships, marketing, and even business decisions. It’s one of the most essential things in our lives. So, why do so many of us fear talking about sex? Why do we feel shame around the topic of our sexuality, pleasure and our bodies?

In this episode of What You’re REALLY Hungry For, host Cynthia Pasquella and guest Dr. Shannon Chavez explore the topic of sexuality and why it’s so important to talk about as women.

Fifty Shades of Grey — Why is everyone talking about it?"

Dr. Chavez talks to 3TV's Kaley O'Kelley and Javier Soto about the Fifty Shades of Grey book and why so many women find it appealing.
“This type of reading can really help women's sexual functioning," Chavez said.
But it's not just women who can benefit.

“Why won't they quit? Weiner, Filner staying put despite outcry"

So why won't they go and what are they thinking? And do they have a psychological problem?
Video: We asked these questions of clinical psychologist Dr. Shannon Chavez and political expert Michael O'Neil.

“Impact of Body Image on Female Sexuality"

Dr. Chavez discusses the impact of body image concerns on female sexuality and why Lady Gaga is under fire for “gaining a few pounds".

“Sex surrogates: Legitimate therapy or legalized prostitution?”

Helen Hunt plays a sex surrogate in “The Sessions". Dr. Chavez discusses this profession and how it is often misunderstood.

“A lot of people that go and see surrogate partners have dealt with really intense trauma sexual trauma and abuse and they're overcoming and healing from that."

“Love at first sniff: good idea or gross?”

Are you single and ready to mingle? Some experts will tell you finding a date is as easy as following your heart. But what about following your nose? You could try smelling your way to your next date based on their body odor.

Dr. Chavez discusses the science behind sexual attraction and pheromones.

“Inside and out: how sex helps your health”

During the new segment, Your Body Inside and Out, FOX 10's Andrea Robinson talks to Dr. Shannon Chavez and Dr. Debra Wickman. The doctors, and founders of SHE: Sexual Health Experts, explain the health benefits of sex and how it can ease stress and pain, and reduce heart disease.

“When to give your sexual issues medical attention”

Sex is a topic many women don't necessarily feel comfortable discussing, but doctors say it's time for women to understand its importance and focus on their sexual health wellness.

“There are many problems like low libido, lack of sexual motivation, body image issues, low sexual self-esteem, problems with orgasm, difficulty with arousal and sometimes painful intercourse," said Dr. Shannon Chavez, a sex therapist at SHE.

“New Gilbert business focuses on women’s sexual health”

Sexual dysfunction affects nearly 100 million women in the United States, including lack of desire, problems with orgasm, low arousal, and painful intercourse. Dr. Chavez talks about the importance of integrated treatment for women's sexual health.

As a Latin-American woman raised as a Catholic before converting to Islam, Dr. Chavez uses her wealth of experience and expertise to help women from various backgrounds, especially those from conservative cultures and religious communities. She is also the co-author of 'Islam and Sexuality by Two Latin American Converts in the US' which she presented at the 23rd Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health in Prague in 2017


Coffee N5 with Lara Schmoisman Podcast: Sex is everything! 

Most people don’t realize that pleasure and connection are aspects of our sexuality that we cannot leave out of our lives. This is what today’s guest, Shannon Chavez, strongly believes. Shannon is a sexual health and wellness specialist who specializes in “all things sexuality," including help for men, women, LGBTQIA, and couples. If you are looking for a safe and judgment-free zone, this is it!


Loveology University | Sexpert Panel on Intimate Communication with Special Guest Dr. Emily Morse

The Sexpert Panel share their wisdom on sexual topics to help ease your concerns, lower your inhibitions, and transport you to sexual empowerment. 


TheLoveHour | What is Sex Therapy?

In today's episode, Melissa and Kev talk to Dr.Shannon Chavez @drshannonchavez about Sex Therapy.



Renowned sex psychologist Dr. Shannon Chavez teaches Logan Paul and the boys about sex.


LYLWL Episode 4: Let's Talk About Sex with Honored Guest Dr. Shannon Chavez

Good Morning LYLWL Family. This episode is all about SEX. Join Dr. Chavez and me as we discuss what libido is and how to boost it, the difference between intimacy and sex, masturbation, and how to have an orgasm. Lastly, we will discuss 5 ways to incorporate Sexual Health in your daily lives: 1. Know that Sexual Health is a part of your overall health. It needs to be prioritize and time must be dedicated to it. 2. Make it just as important to you as you do with anything else in your lives. 3. Be realistic about expectations regarding sex 4. Cope with sexual changes rather than stigmatize those changes 5. The ownership is with you to satisfy yourself sexually, not your partner.

The Good Girl's Guide to Sex

In this episode of the Sexology Podcast, I'm joined by Dr. Shannon Chavez. She speaks with me about casual sex, how to best use dating sites like Tinder and emotionally preparing yourself for casual sex.


The ultimate guide to sex education, monogamy, and relationships | Unstoppable

Everybody’s been through Sex Ed in school but how useful was it? Sex is a part of all of our lives and one of the most important parts of our health and wellbeing, which is why I invited Dr Shannon Chavez, Psychologist and Sex Therapist, onto the podcast. If you have any questions around libido, polyamory, LGBTQIA, sex toys, Tantra, pornography, or just curious about improving your sex life and education in general, then listen to this episode of #Unstoppable multiple times. Can’t recommend this one enough!
Timestamps: 6:02 – Biggest issues you probably have when it comes to sex 11:06 – How you can improve your sex life 17:49 – Issues around pornography, the importance of foreplay, and why I love Tantra 27:20 – Addressing sex addiction and the Tinder “swiping” culture 39:27 – Why open relationships (polyamory) could benefit you and your partner 51:57 – Modern sex education for all ages


The Truth About Spooky Kinky Sex

How spooky is your sex life? Do you get spooked by the thought of kinky sex?

In our culture, with its puritanical roots, so many of us get scared by even the thought of kinky sex. And, yet, just like walking through a haunted house or running through a graveyard at night, so many of us are drawn to kinky sex! We have come a long way from the austere restrictions on sex as being for procreation only. We now enjoy sex primarily for pleasure and connection but who’s to say what’s okay? And, where do you draw the line . . . how kinky is too kinky? And, how far are you willing to explore . . . how much kinky sexy pleasure would you enjoy having?


THE SOLUTION: Is Sex Healthy?

Dr. G and Dr. Raskin, along with our panel of experts, discuss the healthiness of sex from a mind/body perspective. Join us to discover how sex provides not only pleasure, but many other physical and mental benefits as well.


Let’s Talk About Sex

Dr. Chavez taught me many lessons during this conversation that align with themes I find in every episode like knowing what your values are, strong communication, and mindfulness, but most importantly she taught me there is NO normal.

We also talk about how to create your own sexual persona to define what you need, how to keep the passion going for the long haul, why men and women are so different, why women don’t need to rely on men to create  sexual experience, how negative associations with sex impact our present experiences and can create blocks, and the connection between doing what you love and your libido.


Solo Play, Lube, and Designer Relationships

Sexual exploration, more pleasure, undoing shame! Dr. Shannon Chavez joins August to explore masturbation tips for beginners, reaching orgasm when you feel blocked, creating relationships that suit your values and more. Dr. Megan Fleming shares her favorite self-pleasure tip.


Viva La Vulva

Join us and sex therapist Dr Shannon Chavez in an interesting talk about sex and your vulva.


Sex Therapist on Intimacy After Cheating, Sex Toys, and Trying New Things in Bed

In Part 2 with Sex Therapist and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Shannon Chavez, the ladies discuss moving forward after a partner cheats, new sex toys, and when we are comfortable to try new things in bed.


Sex Therapist on the Cucumber Challenge, Sex for Millenials, and Turn Ons | The Pool House

We bring back a beloved guest of The Pool House, Dr. Shannon Chavez, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Certified Sex Therapist. Find her here: ladies of The Pool House discuss the Cucumber Challenge, turn ons and turn offs in the bedroom, and why female millennials can't seem to orgasm.


How to Have Great Sex In a Long-Term Relationship with Dr. Shannon Chavez

Sex in a long-term relationship can be a challenge. Even if you truly adore your partner, how do you keep it alive and healthy after that initial spark fades? Why is sex so important? What do you do when your partner starts initiating sex by taking a Viagra (and forgets that you, too, are part of the equation)?  Dr. Chavez also covers how to handle the Viagra-popping partner, the pleasures of porn made specifically for females by females, and she explains her philosophy on opening up a long-term relationship to other partners. (She does not automatically nix this idea!) Plus, Dr. Chavez answers some questions from SheSez listeners…and they’re pretty juicy.


Finding the G-Spot, Introducing Sexual Fantasies to Your Partner, and How to Use a Cock Ring with Sex Therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez on The Iron Crew Podcast

Danny brings in Dr. Shannon Chavez, a Certified Sex Therapist.  Dr. Chavez drops a ton of knowledge on how to get over internal shame surrounding sex, the importance of masturbation, and how to introduce your sexual fantasies to your partner.  She then clears the air on how to stimulate the G-spot on both men and women.  Dr. Chavez also shares how to incorporate pornography into your sexual routine in a healthy way.  Finally, they discuss strategies on how to talk openly with children about sex.


I'm Not Broken: Sex, Illness & Disability

In this episode, Kimberly interviews fellow sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez. They discuss how chronic illness (such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid Disease, and pelvic pain) and acute illness (such as Cancer) impact the phases of sexual response and affect emotional intimacy in a relationship. They also discuss how Autism, physical disability, and Aging bring their own unique set of sexual challenges; and how stigmas about each of these special populations may affect sexual health and satisfaction. Finally, they explore how early messages and beliefs from religion can undermine one’s sexual comfort and expression. Dr. Chavez calls this ‘spiritual trauma’ and describes how she approaches this in therapy with her clients.


“Sex Positivity is a philosophy and movement towards acceptance." (ft. Dr. Shannon Chavez)

Making love through sex positivity with Dr. Shannon Chavez

Join guest Dr. Shannon Chavez for a discussion of making love through creating sex positivity. Dr. Chavez is a sex therapist and a clinical psychologist whose work breaks down stigmas around sex and sexuality.


Sex Therapy & Libido

Dr. Shannon Chavez is a licensed psychologist and nationally recognized expert, therapist, and educator specializing in “all things sexuality”. We chat about her practice, treatment for couples, and the role that diet and exercise can play in your libido.


“Let's Talk About Sex, Baby" with Clinicial Psychologist & Sex Therapist, Dr. Shannon Chavez

Cancer or no cancer, who doesn’t want better intimacy in their lives? Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist Dr Shannon Chavez lays it all out on the table. The time it takes for a woman to “get an erection,” men’s monthly hormone cycles, what actually happens when a woman goes through menopause (naturally and medically-induced), how to create new ways of finding pleasure, lube, toys, porn and fried chicken… NOTHING is off limits in this episode! ..*Trigger warning – reference to marital rape.


Session with a Sex Therapist | The Pool House Podcast

The ladies of the Pool House get all of their sex questions answered by sex therapist, Shannon Chavez.

Session with a Sex Therapist Pt 2 | The Pool House Podcast

Part 2 with sex therapist, Dr. Shannon Chavez and the Ladies of The Pool House.

TOUCH YOURSELF, With Dr. Shannon Chavez x Running Wild With Christine

How often do YOU masturbate? Well, ladies and gents, it was Christine Wild's pleasure and privilege to chat with Dr. Shannon Chavez about masturbation, Body Sex workshops, meditation, Mind/Body approaches to sexual health and fulfillment and so much more! Shannon has so much positive energy radiating out of her! This is your time to think about your orgasms, your me time, the place you allow pleasure to take in your life!

Sex Therapy with Dr. Shannon Chavez – As Your Friend Podcast

It's getting speecy spicy! Licensed Sex Therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez is answering all the questions. We're talking about how to battle low libido. Are open relationships trending? Dr. Chavez gives us the 411.


Let's Talk About Sex (Therapy) with Dr. Shannon Chavez – Muscle Maven Radio Episode

Dr. Shannon Chavez is a speaker, educator and sex therapist for men, women and couples. She's a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Beverly Hills where she specializes in treatment of sexual disorders; sex education for conservative religious and cultural groups; sexual trauma and abuse; and compulsive behaviors surrounding love, romance, and sex.

What does a sex therapist do? What are the major challenges a sex therapist sees in their clients? How do you bring up sensitive topics around sex and relationships with your partner? What’s a vaginal barbell? These are just a few of the spicy questions Ashleigh gets to ask Beverly Hills sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez. This is an open, funny, and deep conversation about sex, relationships, and pleasure and how it all relates back to your overall health.


Endometriosis: The Invisible Disease with Dr. Shannon Chavez

Mach was Endometriosis Awareness Month, so the slutty scholars asked sex therapist, psychologist and endo crusader, Dr. Shannon Chavez, to discuss everything endo: what might cause it, what the symptoms are, how it affects people's lives and relationships, ways to support a partner with endo and much more.


Embracing Sexual Pleasure with Dr. Shannon Chavez –  What I Love About Men! Podcast by Stephanie Ganowski

In this episode, Dr. Shannon talks about having a sex mindset, erectile dysfunction, porn, fetishes and more! I hope you learn a lot about yourself along with new ways to feel more confident in your body during sex.


Debunking Common Sex Myths – How To Talk To Girls Podcast by Tripp Advice

Certified sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez debunks common sexual myths and explains how to please a woman for the first time.


The Sex Talk You Never Had – In The Ladies Room with Dr. Donnica

Today we’re talking with noted sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez about “The Sex Talk You Never Had.” Dr. Chavez is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist specializing in the treatment of sexual disorders, sex education for conservative religious and cultural groups, and out of control behaviors surrounding love and sex. She is the Clinical Director of SHAPE (Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement) Center in Beverly Hills, California where she provides individual and couples therapy, sex and relationship coaching, and workshops on sexual health and wellness.


Fetishes – Cosmo Radio

It's time we open up about what gets us off! Host Elisa Benson and's Sex and Relationships Editor, Hayley MacMillan, sit down and discuss all things fetishes. From writer Jillian Keenan opening up about Shakespeare and spanking, to professional dominatrix Encina Severa showing us how the pros do it, to Dr. Shannon Chavez giving insight on fetishes in relationships – this is one episode you cannot miss.


12 Facts About S&M

Mind-body Sexuality – Girl Boner Radio

Back-gasms, body image, mismatched libido and more! August chats with Dr. Shannon Chavez about her holistic approach to sex therapy and education. Dr. Megan Fleming answers a listener's Q about orgasming during massages.


Gender, Menopause, and Erogenous Zones Through the Eyes of a Sex Therapist with Dr. Shannon Chavez – Sex The Podcast

Dr. Shannon Chavez is a nationally recognized expert, therapist, and educator specializing in “all things sexuality” including help for men, women, and couples; the treatment of sexual disorders; sex education for conservative religious and cultural groups; sexual trauma and abuse; and compulsive behaviors surrounding love, romance, and sex.


Sex, our Bodies, and The Toys – Meryl Starr Show

We all have gaps of knowledge and secret curiosities about sex. Step one on the journey to good sex is learning how your own body works…What does it want? What feels good and will give your pleasure? What changes occur when you get turned on? These are some of the things we all should know if we want to have a healthy sex life…besides how can you tell your partner what to do if you don't know! If this…


Sex, Relationships and the Bedroom – Meryl Starr Show

Do you feel there is clutter in your relationship and the spark is gone? Many of us in long term marriages and relationships feel the chemistry has fizzled down throughout the years. Do you want to reactivate the fun, flirty, and sexy side in your partner? Has your bedroom morphed from a sex cave to a storage space, an office, or even a place for the kids to hang? It’s time for you to de-clutter your relationship and reignite the flame in your bedroom.


Sex: A Safe Haven For Women with Shannon Chavez, PsyD – Sex Love & Rock 'N' Roll

Mou is joined by Dr. Shannon Chavez, PsyD Psychologist and Sexologist for Women's Health to discuss female sexual issues including contraception, menopause symptoms, vaginal dryness, low libido, sexual chemistry, painful intercourse, and relationships.


SEX WISDOM With Shannon Chavez  — 10/03/12

Hello sex fans! Welcome back.

I have another fantastic SEX WISDOM show for you today. I am delighted to welcome a new friend and colleague, Dr. Shannon Chavez.


More SEX WISDOM With Shannon Chavez — 10/10/12

Hello sex fans! Welcome back.

The remarkable Dr. Shannon Chavez is back with again this week for Part 2 of our conversation for this SEX WISDOM show.



Women Tell All: Sex Kits, Sustainable Tampons, and more – BlogHer Health 2019

At #BlogHerHealth2019, Dr. Elizabeth Yuko moderated a shameless, humorous discussion on generations of vaginal and sexual health with Vagisil's vSHEC members. Vagisil She-E-O Keech Combe Shetty gave an empowering keynote address to kick-off the panel. Vagisil's vSHEC initiative aims to get rid of the stigma and taboos behind's women's bodies and women's health. The discussion includes: Dr. Shannon Chavez, sex expert, therapist, and educator; Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at Yale; and Meika Hollender, co-founder and CEO of Sustain Natural.

Love Yourself Summit: Mind Over Matter

The Love Yourself Summit celebrated women’s individuality and focused on body positivity, mental health and gratitude. Hundreds of women joined us for a day of keynote speakers, influencers and instagrammable experiences!

Self Care Project: Support & strategies to enhance your mind, body & soul

The Self Care Project was created to provide you the tools to create a more abundant, fulfilling life while managing those real-life day-to-day challenges. Join Dr. Suzanne Gilberg Lenz and other world renown experts and influencers in women’s health and wellness as we provide you an intimate space to connect and learn practical applications to support our daily lives and promote the growth and health of our minds, bodies and spirit.


We're setting taboo aside and taking ownership of our sexual wellness with help from the experts.

From exploring your own pleasure to Female Body 101, we're getting the sex talk we always wanted and walking away empowered to take care and feel good. Really good.

Tainted Truth by Ruth in Truth

The event is part of the 5th Annual Level Ground Festival, specifically, a gallery installation called Tainted Truth that explores spiritual trauma in queer communities. The panel will explore “purity culture” and other sexually constricting views of conservative religious communities. Movement Launch

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Shionogi Inc Deanne Melloy, Dr. Donnica Moore, comedian Ali Wentworth, Dr. Shannon Chavez and Dr. Margaret Nachtigall speak onstage at Comedian Ali Wentworth Teams Up with Shionogi Inc. to Launch “Women Take Charge" Campaign at Robert Restaurant on July 29, 2014 in New York City.

“Sexual Health in Post-Menopausal Women"

A panel discussion held on November 4, 2013 as part of the Sexual Health in Post-Menopausal Women luncheon, held by the Society for Women's Health Research and sponsored by Shionogi, Inc.

Panelists are Sheryl Kingsberg, PhD (Case Western Reserve University of Medicine), James Simon, MD (Women's Health & Research Consultants), Sharon Parish, MD (Montefiore Medical Center), and Shannon Chavez, PsyD, (SHE Sexual Health Experts). Panel moderated by Christine Carter, PhD, MPH (Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Society for Women's Health Research).

“Let's Talk about Sex…With Our Doctors!"

Presentation by Shannon Chavez, PsyD. – Dr. Chavez discusses strategies for patients to communicate with health care providers about their sexual health, and offers resources for both patients and providers to facilitate this discussion.

Topics include: barriers to addressing sexual concerns, strategies for breaking through these barriers, and conversation starting points for discussing concerns with patients and health care providers. The presentation was part of an event held by SWHR and sponsored by Shionogi Inc.


A Mind-Body Approach to Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement

Helping individuals and couples overcome their misconceptions and barriers toward better sexual health