Female, 37

“Before I met Dr. Chavez I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. I was scared to come out of the house. I haven’t had panic attacks or anxiety now for a long time. I saw Dr. Chavez in therapy for about a year. She was understanding, patient, and gave me guidance. Each session was relaxing and therapeutic and I left feeling renewed and rejuvenated. I learned tools that helped me with relaxation, controlling my panic attacks, and how to stop my anxiety throughout the day. THANK YOU Shannon, you are amazing and I appreciate what you did for me and what you do for others.”

Female, 42

"The best part of working with Dr. Chavez was being able to explore both the aspects of libido and sexuality that I felt were important for me (needs and obstacles) as well as those she identified as important parts of our work. While it was at times hard to hear, I appreciated that she didn’t let me put the focus on only one or two pieces and continued to encourage my personal growth and support me along the way."

Female, 35

“Dr. Chavez has been a blessing in my life. She is very knowledgeable in her field and thorough in her explanations. I truly appreciate her empathy. She has such a pleasant and welcoming nature, which helps when it comes to this particular subject matter. She has given me the tools needed to increase my self-confidence and has improved my sex life significantly! Love her. Thanks for what you do Dr. Chavez!!”

Male, 48

“I never thought therapy could be fun! Dr. Chavez gave me the tools and confidence to get back into the dating scene and learn how to get over my fear of rejection. We worked on feeling confident about my sexuality and overall feeling good about my body.”

Female, 58

"Therapy helped me normalize my worries and moved my view of sexuality to a wider view encompassing the broad range of creativity I already use. Thanks Dr. Chavez for being so open to shifting away from the typical medical model of sexuality and giving me a new, full experience."

Male, 31

"At first, I was apprehensive about seeing a psychologist about my problems. I felt that it would be uncomfortable to talk about my issues, and at best, the end result would be that I would simply feel better after talking about it. I can’t even begin to explain by how much Dr. Chavez exceeded my expectations. I felt comfortable from the moment we started speaking. And more importantly, this ended up being something far greater than just feeling better about myself. Dr. Chavez’s mind/body approach has truly worked wonders in my sex life, and this is the happiest I have seen my wife in a long time!"

Female, 52

"I have come such a long way since I walked through her door and my friends have also noticed the changes in me. Because of my work with Dr. Chavez, I am stronger and feel more encouraged than ever that I’m headed in the right direction. Her insight is amazing and I always felt supported after my divorce from my husband. She is patient, understanding, and helped me see things that I never saw in myself that were there."

Female, 55

"During menopause I was so confused with the many changes my mind and body were going through. Working with Dr. Chavez taught me that menopause is not the end of your sensual life but a new beginning. My new outlook on life now grows everyday physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank You Dr. Chavez!"

Female, 31

"Dr. Chavez is a doctor that does more than listen to your needs. She gives you recommendations, insight, and is determined to find the answers to your questions/problems. She made me feel comfortable to talk about anything and I mean anything! I would describe her as compassionate and caring. She gives you more than a normal therapist would."

Female, 61

"I never thought therapy could be fun! Dr. Chavez gave me the tools and confidence to get back into the dating scene and learn how to get over my fear of rejection. We worked on feeling confident about my sexuality and overall feeling good about my body."

Calvin Dwight, Writer/Director/Producer Harris Entertainment

"Dr. Shannon Chavez is a true industry professional. This was vividly depicted while working with her on my 2nd feature length documentary film; Perfect Feet. Dr. Chavez vast knowledge & hands on experience as a Clinical Psychologist brought invaluable insights and enhanced production value to my film. As a certified Sex Therapist, Dr. Chavez was able to effectively communicate the various aspects of human sexuality related to persons interested in foot fetishes. My team & I felt comfortable working with Dr. Chavez and would highly recommend her to any organization looking for an experienced and professional licensed Clinical Psychologist."

Walter Sperr, Managing Director at Trent & Company, Inc.

"Dr. Chavez’s talents extend beyond her extensive knowledge and professional skills as an expert psychologist in women’s sexual health. In fact, she is a talented communicator who adroitly explains complex psychological conditions and disorders, as well as complicated research findings in terms that virtually any audience can relate to and comprehend easily. Dr. Chavez sorts through extensive data and gets to the essentials smoothly and swiftly, making the essence crystal clear, while always maintaining an appealing calm and a very attractive appearance. She has great strength of conviction and character, and handles even the most difficult questions from tough national talk show hosts with regal poise. In short, Dr. Chavez possesses the personal charisma, likable personality, quick wit, on-camera presence and professional skills that make her an exceptionably valuable asset to any organization."

Kendra Maggio Novick, Director of Business Development, MedAmour

"It is a pleasure working with and having Dr. Chavez as part of MedAmour’s Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Chavez is well respected in the medical community and a wealth of knowledge on women’s issues, specifically Sexual Health and Wellness."

Dr. Ann M. Kirlin, Adjunct Professor – Argosy University

"Dr. Shannon Chavez displays a unique combination of class, professionalism and thorough knowledge when it comes to sex therapy, sex coaching and sex education. She is a positive and refreshing voice contending with the sensitive nature, realities, and complexities of today’s sexuality. Her warmth and kindness creates a soothing environment for addressing topics of a delicate nature with couples and individuals alike. As a dignified speaker and educator, her intellectual poise provides sensitive information articulated soundly to educate and empower the listener. I consider Dr. Chavez one of my favorite top picks of “Sexperts” currently in the field and highly recommend her as a speaker, educator, coach, and therapist with her fresh expertise in the world of sexuality. She continues to be the favorite guest lecturer with my students in the Master’s level Sexuality class I teach."

Dr. Zohar Vaisman, Therapist at McRory Pediatrics Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Shannon Chavez during the past five years as a professional colleague I can consult with when working with clients dealing with sexual issues. She has a passion for therapy and unwavering dedication to help clients struggling with issues surrounding sex and intimacy. She is a leader in our field and has proven her abilities as a professional speaker, media expert, and educator specialized in area of sexuality and mental health. I cannot even begin to think of anyone that possesses more skill, professionalism, or compassion for the field of sex therapy than her."

Joann Butler, President Consultancy Media, Inc.

“It is a complete delight working with Dr. Chavez and I welcome any opportunity to do so. She is a true expert in her field, and delivers her knowledge in a fun, engaging, fabulous way — that is so unique and refreshing. Working with Dr. Chavez for several media appearances for my clients, I’ve learned that she is a pro on camera, delivering brand messages she is always on point and great in front of the camera. I would recommend Dr. Chavez to anyone, and can’t wait to work with her again!

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