Explore Your Sexual Fantasies This Halloween

By October 23, 2017 For Couples

Halloween is a perfect time to arouse your sexiest fantasies…

Halloween isn’t just for the kids! It’s actually one of my favorite holidays (even though my husband thinks I’m too old to dress up – BOOOO!). Since All Hallows Eve is just around the corner, why not try some role-play, and activate your imagination by trying something new and out of the norm?

So, if you’re ready to take Halloween to a whole new level, read on for my Halloween sex tips, toys, and role-play ideas that will bring your fantasies to life.

Get Into Character

Role-play is a popular fantasy because it expands sexual dynamics by allowing you and your partner to play with personalities, themes, locations, and relationships by imagining different situations and scenarios. Putting together the scene and imagining everything from who you are with, what you are wearing, and what acts are happening can be a powerful aphrodisiac and the anticipation can heighten arousal. This fantasy can be great for relationships because it sets a framework for experimentation with a partner. Make a plan for what props you may need, costumes, and where this fantasy will take place. Make a date, do some research, and be prepared to take this fantasy to the next level.

Here’s some fun Halloween themed ideas you can use as a jumping off point to create the perfect role-play scenario:

  • Doctor/Nurse/Patient: “Don’t worry, I have an extra-large tongue depressor right here.”
  • Executive/Assistant: Power dynamics and professionalism mix for a steamy fantasy encounter. Extra points for including a desk.
  • Photographer/Model: Get behind a camera to take some sexy nudes until no one can resist each other.
  • Teacher/Student: No matter how good our grades are, in this role-play scenario we really want the D. Extra points for including an apple.
  • Firefighter/Rescue: Sometimes when things get hot, the best response is to use a hose and get wet.
  • Criminal/Cop: A great opportunity to break in those handcuffs.
  • Superheroes: Nothing like a Catwoman suit to get people going. Playing superheroes during sex can make partners feel invincible.

If You Dress For The Role, It's Easier To Play The Part

As Halloween approaches, costumes become the talk of the town. For one magical night, anyone can become anything — spooky, sexy or something in between. Wearing costumes to fit the role helps get into character. Even wearing one accessory — an eye patch, firefighter hat or wrench — can put one in the mood to play someone else. Mix and match leftover Halloween costumes with your sexiest underwear, and add cologne or perfume that personifies the role.

Costumes can be as intricate or simple as you feel comfortable with; the important thing is to feel relaxed, confident and sexy. Have a good time and get as creative as you like! If you’re nervous you can try just a few key pieces. But, it can be more fun for both of you if you commit 100% to playing the role.

Use Your Imagination!

We know that imagination is an important part of our development. As adults, our imagination helps define situations or desires that we may be seeking or needing. Both men and women often feel that sharing thoughts and fantasies related to sexual desire is not socially acceptable. Contrary to this belief, opening up and sharing sexual fantasies is actually sexually empowering.  It can lead to better communication, improvements in intimate relationships, more self-confidence, and sexual pleasure.

If you’re feeling a lack of creativity when it comes to fantasizing about sex, here are a few tips to spark your imagination:

  • Read a book: when we read it allows the brain to imagine a different world. Try erotica, romance, science fiction, or anything with intriguing fantasy stories.
  • Be playful: you don’t have to be a kid to act like a kid. Being playful and engaging in play with a partner can invigorate imagination and fantasy – and it’s fun too.
  • Play games:  if you plan a game with a partner it evokes new ways of thinking and creativity. It also gives your brain a challenge to come up with new ways to be intimate.

Give yourself permission to explore your imagination! Positive affirmations and permission that comes from within will help you go beyond expected and logical outcomes. Tell yourself, “I can fantasize and become more sexually empowered!”

Spice Up Halloween with Sex Toys

If you’re looking to boost your sexy times this Halloween, then look no further than Fleshlight’s New Line of Halloween Dildos. Freaks! by Fleshlight look just as menacing as the title exclaims. You can choose from a variety of freak-ish designs and styles including Frankenstein, which has a few extra bits and bolts or the very textured looking Cyborg. Either way, there is bound to be one that suits your fetish or pleasure.

If you’re looking for something a bit more on the wild side, take a Peek at Bad Dragon’s ‘Ika’ Tentacle Dildo. Bad Dragon offers a wide variety of dildos and masturbators that are incredibly intricate, highly textured, and elaborately detailed for the most real fantasies possible. I met with Bad Dragon at a conference and thought they had the coolest dildos! Tentacle porn is a huge sex trend right now and Bad Dragon was the first to create one. They also have these monster dick sleeves that can be worn over the penis. It’s like a Halloween costume for the penis!

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re the person that spends weeks and months preparing their costume for Halloween, you’ll love the folks at homemade-sex-toys.com who create unique, handmade Halloween-themed sex toys. Not for everyone, to be sure, but I promise you’ll never look at candy corn the same way again.

Get Creative & Explore Your Inner Fantasies!

Of course, you don’t need to wait for October 31st to arouse your sexual fantasies, or put on a costume and role-play, but it is a wonderful low-stakes opportunity to dress up, be someone or something else, and turn everything upside down for just one night. Halloween may be the only time of year we’re comfortable enough talking about our fantasies to extremes and trying something truly different, so it’s the perfect opportunity to explore parts of your sexuality you might otherwise not let out into the open.

So, when you get home from that Halloween party, don’t take off the vampire teeth or cat ears right away. Snuggle close to your partner and see where it takes you. You may be delightfully surprised to discover what seemingly sinister or silly things turn you on.

Wishing you a naughty, kinky and sexy Halloween – Have fun, get creative and as always, please remember safety (and protection) first!