sex with loveWe often hear about this fundamental dilemma around sex and love. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a loving sexual relationship vs. a loveless sexual relationship?

Loving Sexual Relationship:

Emotional satisfaction, security and expectation that the relationship will endure when sexual desire and passion diminish.

Some may find emotional involvement to be inhibiting to sexual expression. Confusing lust with love can generate an endless amount of resentment and bitterness.

Loveless Sexual Relationship:

Feeling more free to express oneself sexually and experiment in this arrangement, gaining greater sexual satisfaction.

Sex not founded on love has a tendency of quickly becoming stale, dull and boring.

Our attitudes, beliefs and values towards sex and love vary by age, culture, and upbringing. Relationships are shaped by our experiences and our balance of need for security, stability, predictability and permanence in relationships, and an equally strong yearning for novelty, excitement, and change.

*Notes taken from Albert Lyngzeidetson – Author of Psychology of Relationships

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