What do we really know about labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation?

The number of cases per year continues to grow (over 1500 in the past year according to statistics). Most surgeons would argue that the benefits outweigh the risks, but what are the underlying issues that drive a woman to alter her genital anatomy?

Some cases are medical recommendations due to pain or discomfort – but the majority of women are getting the surgery for purely cosmetic reasons and believe they are not “normal” – which impacts their psychological and sexual well-being. The fact is that most women have never seen the genital anatomy of other women. The media and pornography influence messages about how a woman’s body “should” look but in reality each is unique and different. Sex educator and coach, Mukee Okan, featured in The Vagina Diaries, uses genital anatomy types in her workshops with women.

For more information on this fascinating tool for empowering and educating women, visit her website at www.thepussytalks.com. Her book, Feminine Beauty: A Celebration, features full color and detailed photos of the wide variety of women’s genital anatomy types. I use this book in my practice and hear from most women that it is usually the first time they have ever seen depictions of other women’s genitalia!

Let’s send the message: More sex education, less surgeries!

Empower every woman to love and know her body in any shape or form.



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