Sexual concerns are common for women cancer survivors and their partners. Although not life threatening, not having a healthy and active sex life can affect your relationship with your partner, and how you feel about yourself – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The ramifications of cancer and its treatment can have a serious effect on your sexual satisfaction. Most cancer treatments and medications affect nerve function and blood flow, which are critical components of sexual arousal and pleasure.

Common sexual health concerns reported after cancer treatment include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low libido
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Changes in orgasm
  • Changes in arousal
  • Painful sex

These conditions are extremely prevalent in women of all ages and with all cancer types.

Give Yourself Some TLC

Going through chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, or taking cancer-specific medications, can certainly impact how you feel in your body and may result in a negative body image. It’s incredibly important that you reconnect with your body after cancer so that you can enjoy sensual and sexual pleasure. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself! Go get a massage, practice mindfulness, find lingerie that makes them feel sexy, and most importantly, learn what feels good and what kind of touch works best.

Explore New Ways To Connect With Your Partner Sexually

Cancer treatment can leave you with less energy, and it may take a while to regain your vitality. Schedule time for closeness with a partner even if you don’t have the energy for sex. Take time to cuddle, touch, and be intimate even if it’s not sexual. Intimacy keeps your bond strong and provides the healing you need.

How To Restore Sexual Health After Cancer With pjur med 

There are many ways a woman can work with her mind, body, and partner to address these changes and experience a healthy, intimate sex life after cancer treatment.

Since cancer treatments can reduce the amount of lubrication during arousal, I recommend that women use a lubricant to make sex more comfortable.

There are two types of lubricants within the pjur med product range that will reduce symptoms of dryness and discomfort during sex. It is important to use products that are non-hormonal and dermatologist tested and confirmed.

The silicone-based formula is recommended for dry or highly sensitive mucous membrane tissue in the genital area. The unique formula is made of high quality silicones without preservatives, and compatible with all skin types. It provides more of a silky smooth barrier and lasts longer by providing a thin film on the skin and tissue for an easier glide for friction-based sexual activity.

The water-based lubricants can feel soothing and are easily absorbed by the skin and mucous membrane tissue in the vagina.

Take advantage of the free sample offer at and visit the intimate advisor section for more information about common concerns leading to vaginal dryness and the range of products available to treat them.



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