A New Way to Foreplay with Fiera

Having trouble getting aroused? There’s a new way to kickstart arousal and get more play out of foreplay. Meet the Fiera Arouser for Her. When I first received the Fiera I thought it looked like a dainty and stylish computer mouse.

Fiera_MainIt’s literally a handful. The device can easily fit into the palm of the hand. The small, yet sleek design is built to fit directly over the clitoris using suction technology to attach to your genital anatomy. The increase of blood flow from suction causes the erectile tissue in the clitoris to engorge increasing sensitivity to pleasure. The vibrational patterns and intensity levels provide stimulation and variety in pleasurable sensations.  It can even stay in place during penetration, manual hand stimulation, or self-stimulation using an internal wand.

It’s simple and easy to use. You place the soft sense cover over the bottom base. It easily clicks in and after a full charge is ready to go. Lie in a comfortable position on your back or sitting up with back support. It is recommended to explore your genital anatomy first to make sure you know where you need to place the device and get comfortable touching your body. Use two fingers to part the labia and fierasexto-1340657109-109-lgplace the Fiera directly over the clitoris. If the device is placed on correctly it will turn purple and if not, the light turns green. I recommend using a stimulating gel which works great as lubrication (see Sliquid or Pjur) and uses natural ingredients to enhance arousal. Use sparingly as it will interfere with the suction. A little goes a long way with lube!

It took about ten minutes to experience high arousal. You can adjust the vibration intensity and vary the patterns of pre-programmed options. You want to hold the device with one hand and control the intensity button with the other. I found the highest point of arousal came with using the highest intensity, steady pulse vibration pattern, and stroking downward with slight pressure.

The device is nice and compact so you can use an internal vibrator, dildo, or your fingers for intravaginal pleasure while leaving the Fiera intact. The user guide states in can be used during partnered sex.

I would recommend this device for women that have difficulty with arousal or women learning to become orgasmic. It can be indicated for low desire and arousal or as something new for solo or partnered sexual activity. Check out their website http://www.fiera.com.

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