princeartPrince has died. I didn’t want to believe it when the news broke.  I am shocked, heartbroken, and sad beyond belief.  It is hard to imagine a world without Prince. He was more than a legendary musician, singer, songwriter, and performer. He was an advocate for sexual expression and a leader in the new sexual generation. Prince explored sexuality and spirituality equally in his work. He was an icon for Generation X. Prince has released an album for every year I have been alive and then some. Every album reminds me of a different time in my life and sexuality. I grew up with Prince. He influenced my love for music, art, spirituality, and sex. If you grew up in the 80’s you witnessed how he defied cultural norms around sex. Prince embodied sexuality.  I remember everyone in my household stopping what they were doing when Prince came on TV. He was provocative, sexy, and mysterious. And those eyes! princerollingstoneEveryone saw Prince as a sex symbol. He was known at one time as the “love symbol”. His life was a path from provocative rock star to deeply spiritual being. Prince evolved in his sexuality and over time touched so many people’s lives in the music he created. Prince defied labels, stereotypes, and celebrated sex and love. Prince’s lyrics are a form of sex therapy. I’ve heard many stories of people having amazing sex after a Prince concert. Even Oprah said in an interview that after a Prince concert it opened up a part of her soul and made her do things she had never done before. Here are some of the ways Prince influenced a new generation of sexuality:


Prince’s first video was  I Wanna Be Your Lover. He danced on stage in a leopard bodysuit, long feathered hair, and a large hoop earring. You would see him dressed in lingerie, accentuating his features with makeup, and accessorizing with fur, lace, leather, and silk. No one at this time was doing what Prince was doing. Watching him do the splits in high heels on a piano while shredding on the guitar was unbelievable. I remember seeing him in a trench coat, bodysuit, and thigh highs. princecontroversyHe embodied the masculine and the feminine and defined sexy as an intermingling of the two energies with an attitude. He was a true Gemini with two distinct sides and sometimes showed many different personas in his performances. He identified his alter ego as Camille. She was responsible for his high pitch tones and seductive nature.

princecostumesThe first time I ever dressed in drag was as Prince in Purple Rain.  I continued the tradition annually to dress up in my icon’s most well-known looks. Every time I draw on my mustache and apply my winged eyeliner, purple eyeshadow, and smooth lip balm – I think to myself, “this is what Prince would do.”

Prince showed us that gender and sexuality are constantly evolving and that identity belongs to the individual, not the culture. He became a sign called the “Love Symbol”. O ( + >I-m-not-a-woman-I-m-not-a-man-I-am-something-that

(Courtesy of

It resembles the gender signs for females and males. There is also a resemblance to the Ancient Egyptian ankh symbolizing eternal life. I read that Prince saw this symbol during deep meditation and drew it out in vivid detail based on his vision. A symbol was born and will always be a sign of androgyny, gender fluidity, freedom, and self-love.

Prince celebrated sex through his provocative lyrics on sexual ecstasy and pleasure. His songs include real sounds of lovemaking with well-known lovers. princeprovocativeHe stated that the vibration from the electric guitar kept him looking young. It was the fountain of youth according to Prince. His music expressed his love for his guitar, women, and sex.

Prince was the ultimate fantasy. In The Sex of It he talks about the complexity of the woman he is pursuing and how it feels like she just wants him for the sex. “The sex of it.”

His songs are anthems of pleasure, fantasy, and sexual empowerment. Here is a compilation of some of his sexiest lyrics:

With my tongue in the crease, baby I go ’round
When I go down, down, down, (Come) down, down, down, da-da-down

— Come

Why should you wait any longer?
Take a chance
It could only make you stronger
It’s your time (It’s your time)

— Cream

Take me baby, kiss me all over
Play with my love
Bring out what’s been in me for far too long
Baby, you know that’s all I’ve been dreaming of

Do Me Baby

If we cannot make babies
Maybe we can make some time
Fuck so pretty, you and me
Erotic City come alive

Erotic City

“I like ’em fat”, “I like ’em proud”

“Ya gotta have a mother for me”
Now move your big ass ’round this way
So I can work on that zipper, baby
Tonight your a star and I’m the big dipper

 — Gett Off

Till you’re burning up
Til you get enough
Til your love is red


I only do it for a worthy cause
Virginity or menopause, you’ll have
an instant heart attack if I jack you off

Jack U Off

Let me lick your pussy, let me lick your cunt
Let me eat your body, baby, let me make you squeal and grunt


Keep going
Oh yeah
Keep going

Here I, here I, here I come
(come with me)
Come  — Orgasm

L is for lust
O is for obsession
V is for the vast way you envelop my soul
This is crazy, this is crazy
I could die from the pheromone — Pheromone

I ain’t talking about nothing physical

‘Cause foreplay starts in the mind

(In the mind)
I’m just trying to get you to think about doing things
That you’ve always wanted but could never find
— Satisfied

Anything U’ve ever dreamed of
I’m willing 2 be
2 night it’s gonna be scandalous
Cuz 2 night I’m gonna be your fantasy


Let me take u to another world, let me take u tonight
U don’t need no money, u don’t need no clothes
The Second Coming, anything goes
Sexuality is all u’ll ever need
Sexuality – let your body be free

— Sexuality

Prince’s lyrics demonstrated that women seek pleasure and delight from sex. It was ok for a woman to have a sexual appetite and that a man could get off by indulging in her pleasure. Prince taught us to love our bodies and not be afraid to explore the trenches of sexuality and lust. If you want to learn how to be a sexual, sensual, and spiritual lover… listen to a Prince album from start to finish. Need help getting in the mood? Listen to Prince.


I don’t think there can be purple without Prince. He was the only one I know in the world who owned a color. Purple is an important color. It’s my favorite color! And according to the psychology of color, it’s associated with femininity, power, eroticism, and seduction.

The color purple is known to:

  • Uplift mood
  • Calms the mind and nerves
  • Evoke a sense of spirituality
  • Encourage creativity
  • Enhance sexuality

Studies show that people with bedrooms decorated with purple have more active sex lives. Purple also has a lot to do with sex, the imagination and play. Prince knew what he was doing when he made purple his color.

The Catholic girl in me couldn’t help but giggle and gasp the first time I heard Controversy. Prince used lines from the Our Father prayer in his talk about controversy. In 1999 he talks about judgment day. His lyrics were filled with spiritual themes and innuendos about God, love, passion, and life.

Toure’ writes in his book, I Would Die For You:

This is the erotic intertwined with the divine. The Judeo-Christian ethic seems to demand that sexuality and spirituality be walled off from each other, but in Prince’s personal cosmology, they were one. Sex to him was part of a spiritual life. The God he worshiped wants us to have passionate and meaningful sex.

tumblr_o666f1PEUY1uipxv8o1_1280Prince was not afraid to talk about spirituality in relationship with sex and vice versa. Later in his life he converted and became a Jehovah’s Witness. He would spread the word in his community about the importance of spirituality and it guided much of his later work and lifestyle changes. It was even rumored that he wouldn’t play some of his older, more provocative songs, during concerts because of his new faith.

Alan Leeds, a former tour manager, was quoted in Toure’s book saying, “For him the love of God and the sexual urges we feel are one and the same somehow. For him it all comes from the same root inside a human being. God planted these urges and it’s never wrong to feel that way. The urge itself is a holy urge.”

Prince will forever be missed by a world of people that were deeply impacted by his life and music because it touched the hearts and souls of millions. His legacy will continue to grow. Prince, we thank you for the gifts you gave us in this life and how you helped shape the new sexual generation. Rest in Peace. Remembering The Purple Rain Legend Purple RIP Prince (4) PrinceCollage



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