#BlogHer18 Health Conference in New York City

SheKnows Media presented the #BlogHer18 Health Conference in New York City on January 30th, 2018. This was the first conference in the BlogHer series that focused primarily on health and wellness.

Over 500 attendees including bloggers, writers, doctors, therapists, and wellness influencers, gathered in the Tribeca area of New York City to discuss women’s issues and the state of health for women.

The conference discussed the “Me Too” movement, and how we can empower women to speak up about issues that impact their lives.

I felt a wave of energy and excitement as women cheered, asked questions, and united over the importance of speaking up and talking about issues of health, womanhood, and self-care.

I was at the Vagisil booth where we encouraged women to “NEVER SHUT UP” about sexual health. I answered questions about sexual health and why women need to talk about issues concerning their vaginal health. Bloggers and writers were engaged in demonstrations of Vagisil’s new line of products including intimate washes that are safe for vaginal health – free of parabens and preservatives – and a Prohydrate gel which combines the best ingredients of a lubricant and moisturizer in one. And vaginal dryness? Yes! It can and will happen to everyone with a vagina – so we discussed how to take care of this concern with the right products and self-care.

Vagisil has been around for over 40 years making women’s wellness products and leading the conversation about vaginal health. Their new line of products includes vaginal washes and a hybrid moisturizer and lubricant for vaginal dryness called, Prohydrate.

Women stopped by to talk about sexual concerns and learn more about options for intimate health. Participants took photos under the “NEVER SHUT UP” wall.

Here I am throwing up ‘V signs’ with Vagisil’s CEO, Keech Combe-Shetty.

I also ran into my friend and host of Girl Boner Radio, August McLaughlin.

Sexual health affects each and every one of us. I talked with bloggers and entrepreneurs that want women to make the connection between sexual health and overall wellness. We discussed how diet, lifestyle choices, and relational health are at the core of our sexual wellness.

I spoke with nutritionists who help women get on track with developing a healthy emotional and physical relationship with food.

Can food affect libido?

Absolutely! Libido is impacted by what you eat and drink, sleep, and stress.

I met several coaches that teach mindfulness and how slowing down and becoming more embodied helps women connect with body wellness and pleasure. We had much-needed conversations about issues that women face that impact sexual health – starting a family, dealing with fertility issues, stress, vaginal shame, menopause, and being in sexless relationships.

Sexual concerns are inevitable and we need to be able to talk about them with other women, partners, and our healthcare providers.

Vagisil had a wall where women could “Get Shameless About Vaginal Health” and openly discuss their vaginal health.

I’m so thrilled to be working with Vagisil to encourage empowering women around sexual health.

We have a long way to go but women are ready to collaborate and support each other in creating a platform to help women take charge of their pleasure and feel good about vaginal health. There was even a point in the day where women were yelling out “VAGINA!” and celebrating our unique sexuality as women.

I look forward to the next BlogHer conference in my city of Los Angeles this summer!



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