Talking about Shame Free Sexuality on The James and Heather Show

Am I normal? This is the most common question asked around sexuality. Not fitting into a so-called “norm” can create sexual shame and isolation. As a guest on The James and Heather Show , I had a chance to discuss the impact of shame on our sexuality and ways in which you can overcome these barriers. Check out the video!

If you are experiencing sexual shame or any other concern, ask for help. Can just TALKING about sex really WORK? The answer is yes. Most people keep sexual feelings bottled up and avoid bringing it up out of embarrassment, fear, or stigma. All of us will experience sexual concerns in our lifetime. It is what makes us human. Sexuality is diverse and there is no normal. In sex therapy we find what works for you. What is your normal? We are all unique and diverse in our sexuality. Give yourself permission to talk about it and get the resources you need for better sexual health and wellness. Learn to love yourself and be sexual…. without the shame.

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